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Past Projects

Fund raising dinners have been our main source of donations

Fund raising dinners

The PCP has supported lots of projects and promoted ideas. Regular popular fund raising dinners have continued to raise funds for local projects.

The skate park has been a great successThe Skate Park

One of our larger projects was the installation of the skate park in Chiswell. This was in response to requests from local youngsters in Underhill for this type of facility. Working in partnership with WPBC we were able to provide the facility and we were successful in raising funds through grant applications to get the equipment installed.

Summer Extreme 2006Help for all

The PCP has achieved a great deal for Portland since it started. It has raised in excess of £100,000 for projects and schemes that Portland people have asked for help with. This has included larger projects like the skate park at Chiswell and the swings at the Bill. We organise the annual island clean up in September and reward all volunteers with a buffet lunch. It has helped smaller projects including a donation for students to attend a conference in America, a contribution to enable year 10 students to sail, continued sponsorship of Laura Brown in her endurance riding, a donation to Gwen Hawkins forA teadance a geology research project as part of her degree, to name but a few. In the past we have contributed to projects to help the young and the old, as well as to help Portland itself to try and make our island the best place possible to both work and live. All made possible by the regular support of local companies and individuals who believe this island is important.