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Business Sponsors of the PCP Site

The Heights Hotel, Bar, Bistro, Coffee Shop and Leisure Centre

We see the hotel as an integral part of Island life, and employ over 80 local people. Our day to day role in the hotel is selling 'Portland', and as such we are ambassadors for the Island. The partnership support the Island and the community and this is a vital role giving Portland its own identity.

The Heights Hotel supports the PCP wholeheartedly, our commitment to helping in the community has a proven track record and the meetings, business breakfast and AGMs have been held here many times over the years. The Hotel does not charge the partnership for our facilities, all meeting rooms are offered free of charge. When refreshments are served we request a donation which is then passed to the PCP treasurer. Any fundraising dinners are greatly subsidised and the price charged to the individual includes a 1/3 donation to the PCP.